The HYPOXI-training® has been designed to activate the fat metabolism in the stubborn body areas such as the stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs. Each machine is specific and your treatment is individually designed to meet your goals by a professional HYPOXI therapist at your initial consultation. Reduction of cellulite and fatty deposits from the problem areas leads to a slimmer, healthier body with increased vitality and energy. HYPOXI® is suitable for both women and men.

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No, it is completely non-invasive and pain free.

All HYPOXI® machines are completely safe.  During your session the machine monitors your pulse rate to ensure that your heart rate is always below your maximum fat burning heart rate. This is normally between 100 and 145 beats per minute, depending on your age and physical condition. Our qualified HYPOXI® therapist will take you through a full consultation and medical questionnaire before commencing your treatment.

Yes you can! Here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we have many HYPOXI maintenance courses that you can choose from to keep your body just how you’d like. Many of our clients are happy to drop their amount of sessions down to one or two a week – that way they keep the positive effects of HYPOXI training.

Please phone or visit us to book a free trial and consultation. A therapist will then assess your requirements. The initial consultation is also an opportunity to learn more about this unique method to ensure that you obtain the best results from your treatment.

On the S120 and L250 machines you are fitted with a neoprene blanket which fits around your waist like a skirt. The blanket creates an airtight seal around the vacuum chamber. You step into the chamber, which has an exercise bike built in and gently cycle for 30 minutes.  The ‘skirt’ forms a seal around your waist ensuring a snug fit, so there is the right application of positive and negative pressure around the body during your session.  The applied intervals of vacuum and compression are increasing the blood flow to your lower stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks which leads to increased metabolism in the problem areas.

On the VACUNAUT machine you are provided with an undersuit, a kind of body suit, which will replace your underwear during your session. The undersuit or tight fitted clothing, are essential as they help ensure immaculate hygiene whilst also improving the effectiveness of the treatment. After changing into the undersuit, you are then helped into the unique Vacunaut PressureSuit and connected to the machine. A session, lasting 30 minutes, incorporates gentle walking whilst the Vacunaut PressureSuit alternates high and low pressure around your abdomen and lower back. The sensation feels like a mechanical massage and is pleasant.

On the HYPOXI-Dermology® machine you are helped into the unique PressureSuit. You are then connected to the base of the machine and the air is removed from the suit, creating a vacuum. The machine then begins rhythmically massage the body from the waistline down to the knee areas.  This mechanical massage is performed via 400 cuplike chambers built on the inside of the PressureSuit.  The treatment stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, the blood circulation is drawn to the surface of the skin. The session lasts 20 minutes and is extremely relaxing.

The majority of people see a fat loss equivalent to one clothing size every 4 – 6 weeks. 
The HYPOXI-Method® is also fantastic for getting rid of cellulite from the buttocks and thighs. Results begin to show after just a few sessions. The actual duration of your course of treatment depends on your personal goals and your individual constitution. Usually, it takes between one and three months to reach your goals.

Studies have shown it is best to do HYPOXI® 3 times a week, leaving a rest day in between treatments.

Anyone who can undertake light exercise can take advantage of HYPOXI®.  However, people suffering from the following conditions should only perform HYPOXI-training® after consulting a doctor: severe damage to the circulatory system, acute vascular disorders, pathological cardiovascular diseases, bone and muscle atrophy.

HYPOXI-training® is not allowed during pregnancy, in the case of infection or inflammation and in general states of pain.

In most cases, HYPOXI® is completely safe for people with varicose veins. Stimulating blood circulation also relieves the venous system. If in doubt, let the qualified HYPOXI-Coach know about your situation during the initial consultation.

No, no side effects at all. A lot of people report feeling extremely rejuvenated after their treatment.

The HYPOXI-training® is performed in a vacuum environment where the patient’s heartbeat is constantly monitored at the optimum ‘fat burning zone’. This means training can be carried out at a very low heart rate, if necessary. This type of training does not require any particular degree of physical fitness.

In regards to nutrition, we advise that you partake in a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet, drink enough water and get adequate rest.

We recommend eating carbohydrates that are low on the Glycamic Index (GI), as they will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day. HYPOXI Knightsbridge also recommends monitoring your sugar intake, and advise you reduce the amount of saturated fat you eat and not to eat late at night.

Depending on the time of your appointment, your therapist will provide you with advice on which are the best foods to eat and when to eat them.

After your HYPOXI session, eating lean proteins such as chicken, turkey or fish with some leafy or steamed vegetables is recommended to recover effectively from your session. As an addition to your course, in-depth nutritional consultants will be available – this is so you can see optimal results from HYPOXI.

Our HYPOXI Method doesn’t require you to use a strict diet. This is because they are difficult to maintain and stick too; quite often people will see yo-yo effects from having a strict diet! Here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we take into consideration that everybody will have different nutritional needs and how individuals will use nutrition differently. That’s why the HYPOXI-Coach will help build an optimal nutrition plan that suits your needs!

Absolutely! Rigorous testing and training methods ensure HYPOXI’s safety and efficacy. The combination of vacuum therapy and exercise targets fat while strengthening the connective tissue. The results are improved body shape and skin tone. If following the nutritional plan, a healthier body can be achieved, too!

It is recommended that you wear long loose trousers, a training top and socks for the HYPOXI cyclings machines (you will also need a pair of trainers for the HYPOXI cycling machine) and HYPOXI-Dermology.

For the Vacunaut, a special undersuit will be provided for you. This undersuit will be yours to use throughout the course of your treatment. You will just need a pair of trainers for the Vacunaut. However, you can also bring your own cycling shorts and fitted long sleeve t-shirt or training top – this helps the fat-burning process by ensuring a tight seal on the Vacunaut wetsuit.

If you need to wear a bra for training, please ensure that it is a supportive sports bra.


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