HYPOXI Weight Loss Clinic in London

Weight Loss Clinic London

When it comes to achieving the best weight loss results, you can count on HYPOXI Knightsbridge, a first-class London Weight Loss Clinic, to provide you with the most suitable and safe method.

Our weight loss clinic in London offers advanced body shaping methods to suit your personal needs and wants. We can target specific areas of stubborn fat using the HYPOXI method, which uses the latest vacuum and compression technology. HYPOXI is among the simplest ways to tone up and lose weight – can you afford to miss out?

Benefits to Health

At our weight loss clinic London, we provide equipment that is tailored to your needs. We are fully aware that weight loss affects individuals differently and can bring a host of health benefits, which is why we supply a wide range of training machines.

Some of the training machines we have are tailored to target particular areas of the body such as the lower stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, whereas others pinpoint the stomach and hips.

According to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, there has been a huge increase in obesity in the last few years, with roughly a quarter of adults in England being classed as obese. Through safe weight loss at HYPOXI Weight Loss Clinic London you can reap health benefits such as an improved life expectancy compared to before your weight loss. A BMI between 30 and 35 is known to cut life expectancy by up to four years while a BMI above 40 takes a decade off your life expectancy.

Weight Loss Clinic for Women

HYPOXI is used all around the world to provide women with a method of targeting areas of the body where it is difficult to burn fat or to tone. In this country, where around 32% of women are overweight, many women have already reaped the benefit of our methods which include vacuum and compression therapies as well as fat burning exercises. HYPOXI at our weight loss clinic London is said to be up to three times more effective than exercise and dieting alone.

Weight Loss Clinic for Men

It is not just women who can benefit from visiting a London Weight Loss Clinic. Men, 42% of which are overweight in this country, also regularly use our treatments which normally consist of three sessions per week for a four-week period. Each session normally lasts around half an hour, with measurements made at the beginning of your course and after the sixth and twelfth sessions so you can track your progress.

London Weight Loss Clinic

Targeted Weight Loss

Weight loss and toning in London has never been easier. HYPOXI is used to stimulate blood flow and to reduce fat deposits.

As well as this, our weight loss clinic will use the HYPOXI method to remove fatty acids from problematic areas, making your skin have a more even tone and texture.

By alternating between vacuum and compression therapy whilst performing a gentle cardio routine we activate the metabolism to burn fat in tough to target areas.


If you are looking for a weight loss clinic in London look no further than HYPOXI Knightsbridge. Many people in London and the surrounding areas have achieved excellent results from our methods and treatments. See our before and after page for a HYPOXI case study or contact our team today for further information!


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