HYPOXI Nutrition and Diet Plan

Eating healthily alone will not provide you with long-term success, there needs to be a balance between diet and exercise if you’re to lose weight quickly, effectively and safely.

After undertaking HYPOXI training, you’ll need to stick to the HYPOXI diet plan if you want to enhance the results of the advanced training. The HYPOXI diet plan is created to match your exact standards and to help you to achieve your ideal body shape and size, can you afford not to find out more?

We supply you with a friendly HYPOXI meal plan, ensuring that there is a balance between all nutrients. As well as the HYPOXI meal plan, we also provide the meal replacements, these are ideal for those looking to lose weight quickly and those wanting to create dramatic results.

The HYPOXI diet is designed to not only help you to lose weight, it can also add tone to the muscles, therefore, improving the elasticity of the skin. Unlike other diets, the HYPOXI diet is supervised by the team of professionals at HYPOXI and they are always on hand to provide any necessary advice or support that you require.

Our Proteifine Diet is part of the HYPOXI diet; this is a low fat and carbohydrate diet that ensures your body gets enough energy after HYPOXI training. We recommend that you save your snacks for at least 2 hours after training, to ensure that you burn stubborn fat rather than the food you’ve just eaten!

Do you need to know more about the HYPOXI meal plan? Call us on 020 7118 8377 today!

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