If you’re wondering what HYPOXI is, consider HYPOXI Knightsbridge to be the experts! HYPOXI® is a targeted body shaping method, developed Sports Scientist Dr Norbert Egger, used to ultimately improve body confidence and to target stubborn areas like the stomach, thighs, and hips. HYPOXI treatments are well-established in more than 40 different countries – proving just how successful our fat burning training is!

HYPOXI body shaping all started in Salzburg, Austria during the 1990’s where Dr Norbert Egger discovered that more women than men found it incredibly difficult to lose weight in problematic areas. He developed a brand-new training concept that didn’t just include healthy eating and regular exercise, HYPOXI.

Here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we use three methods to achieve long term results, which include vacuum therapy, compression therapy and fat burning exercise.

No matter how much exercise you do and how well you eat, it can feel as though it’s impossible to get rid of certain fat deposits, however, here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we have the perfect solution! The Hypoxi body shaping is used to reduce cellulite and fat deposits with the hope of boosting confidence.

We achieve the best results by providing you with training like no other, it’s considered to be 3X more effective than exercise and diet alone! To improve the functionality of your body and to remove any fat deposits you’ll partake in sessions which last up to 30 minutes.

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ŸVacuum Therapy: which is similar to the ancient technique of cupping. The targeted areas of the body are stimulated through the application of low pressure.

ŸCompression Therapy: during compression therapy high pressure is applied to the tissue to increase blood circulation. (This method is commonly used in the treatment of varicose veins).

ŸFat Burning Exercise: moderate training has the effect of stimulating the transport of fatty acids, thereby promoting fat metabolism.

Alternating vacuum and compression therapy during a gentle cardio training session activates the fat metabolism in those areas of the body where stubborn fat is located. The change in pressure effectively stimulates blood flow and accelerates fat metabolism in the targeted areas. The result is a significant and long lasting circumference reduction from the problem areas.

CONSULTATION: At your initial consultation you will
have a full body assessment and nutrition explained
followed by a free trial on the HYPOXI machine

SESSIONS: Your sessions should be booked 3 times per
week over 4 consecutive weeks, i.e. Mon, Wed, Fri.

RESULTS: You will start noticing first results after 2
weeks. Measurements are taken at the beginning of
the course, then on the 6th and 12th session. You can
expect to lose about 20-22 cm in 4 weeks, which equals
to one dress size loss.

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