How Does HYPOXI Work?

Removing fat cells from the body has never been quite so sustainable. Here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we use HYPOXI to assist with weight loss.

What is HYPOXI?

HYPOXI is an advanced body shaping method which is used to specifically remove fat from areas that are stubborn. Our HYPOXI training is perfect for targeting the stomach and thighs, as well as cellulite affected areas.

But how does HYPOXI work?

We use the modern training device to not only improve the appearance of skin, making it look and feel more youthful, but to improve your fitness too.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Book a consultation.

You’ll need to book a consultation first. Once you’ve arranged an appointment we’ll provide a complete body assessment, identifying which areas you want to focus on. We offer a free trial to those who are considering using our HYPOXI machine to provide them with an insight into what they can expect.

  1. Book training sessions.

We recommend 12 session course, if you’re looking to create long-lasting results. These will be spread out across the month and you’ll be advised to book 3 sessions per week, ensuring that you stimulate your metabolism. A typical session will see you work your muscles for 30 minutes, either on the treadmill or the bike, ultimately reducing any fat cells.

  1. Wait for results.

We can reassure you that the results will be visible within a matter of weeks after starting your HYPOXI training. After the 12 sessions, your skin tissue will be strengthened and be firmer.

Does HYPOXI work?

HYPOXI improves blood circulation, which can help prevent fat deposits and blockages building up. Our training sessions will enable you to stimulate your metabolism, increasing your blood circulation and helping transport fat deposits to where they will be burned for use as kinetic exercise. Our HYPOXI-coaches will ensure long-term effectiveness by tailing HYPOXI to your individual needs and by helping you design a well-balanced nutrition plan.

Does HYPOXI work for weight loss? Why not find out for yourself, with a free trial here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge?

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