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If you’re looking to drop a dress size in a month, look no further than HYPOXI Knightsbridge! Here at HYPOXI Knightsbridge, we specialise in targeting problematic areas of stubborn fat, these include the hips, stomach and thighs.

We can create a weight loss program that is tailored to your needs and wants. We recommend you follow this if you need to drop a dress size in 4 weeks! Are you avoiding training programs because they’re too time-consuming? HYPOXI Knightsbridge has a perfect solution waiting for you and it’s down to our modern training concepts to improve metabolic rate and fitness. We suggest you participate in 3 sessions each week for 4 weeks, by this time you should notice at least one slight improvement. Each of the sessions our coaches provide are 30 mins too, making it more convenient for you.

HYPOXI Knightsbridge provides the drop a dress size in a month program to suit the most diverse needs and wants so you needn’t worry about improving your body shape. Our training concept incorporates diet, exercise and training- because neither works effectively on their own!

Whether you’re looking to drop a dress size in 6 weeks or gradually over time, we can help you to lose weight effectively, reducing any fat deposits that are stored. If you want to know how this works, why not Book a Free Trial for HYPOXI training and drop a dress size in 6 weeks?

Call us on 020 7118 8377 to find out more today!

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